LIVE…LAUGH…LOVE!!! (I know it’s kind of cheesy, but I really do believe it!)

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The Velez Family

I had a wonderful day at the baseball fields with the Velez family!  They love baseball and more importantly they LOVE the Yankees.


The Gardner Family

We decided to take a short trip to Anderson Park.  They were very relaxed in front of the camera.  I enjoyed photographing them very much!


The Rahmen Family

We decided to head to R.E. Olds Park.  It is a lovely park and the Rahmen family was just as lovely!



The Rostran and Burks Family

As you will see from the photos, they are a beautiful family!  We traveled to John Chestnut Sr. Park, which is their favorite park to go to.



The Pacimeo Children

These children were so much fun and full of energy!  It was such a delight to photograph them and I am looking forward to when we do family photos!



The Sutula Family

Howard Park is a great park which has plenty of trees and paths and then completely  separate is a beach.  We decided to go there to get the best of both worlds!  I enjoyed  photographing the Sutula family very much!